NPE PTO Minutes

NPE PTO Minutes

September 15, 2009

Attendance: 12 members and Mr. Kern

 President: Missy Ackerman introduced board members and committee chairs

 Vice-President: Tracy Black reported that the Caroline Day Award Committee will meet with the school staff in April or May to give background of award

 Treasurer:  Expenses this year have been for books for the Media Center, a few teacher reimbursements and $350 to start PTO website


Apparel: Sale dates: September 25 – October 9.  Samples were available for viewing and will be available for viewing in the conference room during the sale.  Order forms and pictures will also be displayed on website.

 Auction: Kori Murphy and committee have been busy working on donations for the auction.  She will seek teacher input on classroom basket themes at the September staff meeting.  Classroom basket collection will be November 2.

 Buttons/Ellison Press: Janice Brittsan has already made a large batch of States and Capitals Buttons

 Box Tops: Angie Henry verified the first pick up date will be September 29. Parties and prizes will follow for the winning classrooms each month. September winners will receive a popcorn party.

 Brax Cups Fundraiser: Jennifer Bain had samples for viewing with MLB, NFL and college team logos. A set of four cups costs $12 and NPE will receive $4 per set sold.  It was decided to hold the sale in late October for delivery of items before Christmas break.

 Carnival: Missy verified the theme “Road Trip” for the carnival to be held on Saturday, March 13, 2010 from 2-6pm.  The logo has been made.  The bounce house has already been secured.

 Entertainment Book & Cookie Dough: Sale ends September 17 and pickup will be on October 29 in the gym to coincide with Market Day pickup.  Mega party will be provided by Tina, the Entertainment Book rep, and will be held after school on October 6 for students selling 2 Entertainment Books and 3 Cookie Dough items.  Volunteers are needed to help during pickup October 29 beginning at 3:30pm.

 Market Day: NPE made $306.33 with 46 orders from first sale, slightly less than last year.  The “Not too late” flyers helped earn some sales. Volunteers are still needed.  Boo Bags will be sold for $1.50 each at the October 29 sale.

 Movie & Game Night: Next movie night will be November 6 from 6:30 – 8:30pm.

 Room Parents:  Coordinators are in the process of contacting room parents.

 Student Directory:  Jennifer Popp stated the directory is close to completion.  Printing has been contributed allowing all families to receive a printed copy.  It will also be available on the website.

 Scrip, Roller Cave & Snapperz: Erika Twyford reported the profit from first Scrip sale of $52.90.  Next sale date September 11-26.

First skating party of the year was the largest in four years.

Snapperz, an indoor family fun place, will hold NPE night on Friday, October 16 from 5-10pm.  Admission is $10 and NPE will receive $5 per attendee.

Contest: Class with the most participants will receive free admission.

 Teacher Appreciation:  Sharon Canfield, Ann Didelot & Janet Mann reported that the teacher breakfast went well which was a change from lunch.  Teacher appreciation by grade level through the school year instead of in May.

 Web Site: Jennifer Popp explained how the PTO Manager Volunteer Builder works.  All students are registered except for 58.  It is linked to school’s web page.  Reminder emails can be sent to specific groups.

 Yearbook:  Lisa Hubbard will meet with John Higgins of Inter-State studio on September 24 to sign contract.  Committee will then meet to decide specifics of book.  Pictures may be sent to

 Mr. Kern’s comments:

Brier Creek Intermediate School

  • PTO needs to set aside money to help start Brier Creek PTO
  • Teacher teams will begin planning for Brier Creek
  • This years’ 3rd & 4th grade will be 1st students at Brier Creek

 Graduation:  Farewell party instead of graduation after BCIS opens

Let Brier Creek have graduation for 5th graders

 New Security System

  • Implemented Monday, September 21
  • All doors will remain locked during school hours
  • Doors will be unlocked on visions days from 7:30-9am
  • Building will be locked at 4:30pm
  • YMCA families will get keycards for entry into building

 Next NPE PTO meeting is scheduled for November 3, 2009 at 6:30

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