NPE PTO Meeting Reminder – Please join us for our kick-off meeting!

NPE PTO Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
6:30 pm in school cafeteria

President:    Introductions of new board and committee chairs.  

Vice President:  Tracy Black:  The Caroline Day Award Committee has decided to meet with the school staff in April or May.

Treasurer:  Teri Miller Budget summary and expenses.

Secretary:  Sharon True – welcome

Apparel: Sale dates:  Starts September 25 – October 9.  Apparel planning meeting will be held September 14 at NPE cafeteria. At the meeting we will reveal the new fall line. 

 Auction:  Kori Murphy Update – our auction team has been working hard all summer. 

 Buttons/ Ellison Press:  Janice Brittsan is already hard at work producing States buttons.

 Box Tops:  Kayann Klepper & Angie Henry are coordinating our first pick up date September 29.  Parties and prizes will follow each pick up date.

 Brax Cup Sales:  Jennifer Bain, Rachael Wahl & Kristin Ely.  Show example of the cups.  Explain profit margin.  We need your input when should this sale take place?

 Carnival:  Jennifer Bain & Missy Ackerman:  Theme: Road Trip.  Date Saturday March 13, 2010 from 2:00 – 6:00

 Entertainment Books & Cookie Dough: Lori Hagarty & Terri Miller September 3 to September 17.  Discuss Mega Party scheduled for October 6.  Get volunteers.

 Fifth Grade Graduation:  Beth Eagleson & Debbie Emminger

 Market Day:  Lori Hagarty & Sysily Miller Next pick up date is October 1.  $306.33 with 46 orders

 Movie & Game Night: Kristin Ely & Connie Smith Next movie night November 6 doors open at 6:30

 Room Parent:  Robin Biggs, Kate Dodd & Lori Burks are coordinating room parent volunteers for each class.  When is the room parent meeting?  Does there need to be a meeting? 

 Student Directory: Jennifer Popp, Tracy Black & Lisa Hubbard   Projected date of distribution and good news about printing.

 Scrip, Roller Cave & Snapperz – Erika Twyford The next Scrip Sale is September 11-26.  What was the profit from the first sale?  Roller Cave next party is Tuesday, October 20, 2009.  How many students attended the kick off skating party and what was the profit.  NPE night will be held at Snapperz on Friday, October 16 from 5:00 to 10:00pm.  Could you explain how this is going to work.

 Teacher Appreciation:  Sharon Canfield, Ann Didelot, Janet Mann Update us on the Teacher breakfast and plans for the year.

 Web Site:  Jennifer Popp Explanation on how to use the PTO Manager Volunteer Builder.  Are there any thoughts, discussion and improvements for our web page?

 Yearbook:  Lisa Hubbard – Update for Yearbook:  Digitial program is being updated with changes we recommended last year.  Updates will not be completed until late September.  Lisa will meet with John Higgins September 24 to sign contract and talk about changes/updates made to program.  Tracy Black, Sharon True and Erika Twyford are on the Yearbook Committee.  We will meet right after contract is signed to begin selection of theme and work on assigning volunteers to photography and sales/advertisement for yearbook.  The photos will come into the  email account and Lisa will download them into the appropriate folders for each class.

 Our next meeting is scheduled for November 3, 2009 at 6:30.

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