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Deadline Extended – Gift Cards for the holidays!

Deadline has been extended on our school’s Shop with SCRIP order!  This is a wonderful and convenient way to purchase all the gift cards for your family, teachers and friends (and even to do your own shopping…you’re just pre-paying)!!!  You pay just face value of the gift certificate (same as you would pay in the store or restaurant…just without having to take the time to drive there, fight the crowds and get out in the cold!!).   The school receives a % of every sale. 
Orders can be placed online by simply printing your order receipt and sending to school with your check for payment (payable to NPE PTO), OR by completing the order form and sending into school with your payment.  Please contact Erika Twyford 861-5455 if you have any questions.  Follow this link to order online or download the order form

Here’s a quick example of how a person can save both time and money all the while earning some money for our school!
Order gift certificates from:
Applebee’s – $25 – and they’re giving New Palestine Elementary 10% of the sale, so that is 10% of $25 = $2.50
Chili’s Grill – $25 – ….11%, so that = $2.75
Barnes & Noble Teacher’s Gift Certicate – 2 at $25 – …9%, so that = $4.50
The total on the order = $100 in gift certificates that would be purchased anyway and our school would receive $9.75!!!  PLUS, I saved time by shopping conveniently at home and picking up all the cards at the same time at school!!!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!!  Thanks for all your support!!!

Thanks to all the volunteers, parents and staff at NPE!!

Wanted to thank all the many volunteers, parents and staff that make our school so wonderful for our children!!!  We’ve had several opportunities to serve this school year and we’re thrilled with all the time, effort, purchases and donations!!!   They say it takes a village to raise a family and that’s certainly true for a school as well!!!!     It’s amazing to be a part of such a special community!!!  Thanks for all you do!!!!!

Volunteers needed on Thursday, 10/29/09 in the NPE cafeteria!

NPE PTO needs your help!
Volunteers needed on Thursday, 10/29/09 in the NPE cafeteria!

 Cookie Dough – Order delivery to NPE is expected at about 12:30pm on 10/29/09.  Customer pick-up will be from 3:30 – 6pm in the NPE cafeteria.  We could use help with unloading, sorting and prepacking orders starting at 1:15pm.
Market Day Orders – Customer order pick-up is from 5 – 6pm in the NPE cafeteria.  We could use help with unloading, sorting and prepacking orders from 4 – 5pm.
Market Day Pies – Customer order pick-up is from 5 – 6pm in the NPE cafeteria.  We could use help with sorting and prepacking pie orders from 4 – 5pm.
Market Day Boo Bags – Customer order pick-up is from 5 – 6pm in the NPE cafeteria.  We could use help with assembling 100+ Boo Bags from 4 – 5pm.
Your help will be greatly appreciated on Thursday, 10/29/09.  Thank you for supporting NPE PTO!  If you have any questions please contact Lori Hagarty at 861-0618.



SNAPPERZ FAMILY FUN NIGHT:  Friday, October 16, 5 – 10 PM, admission is $10, school profit is $5 per student.  Snapperz is located at 6002 Sunnyside Road Lawrence, IN 46236. For more information call 317-823-4327 or visit
Invite all your friends and family!  This is a great way to spend time with friends and the parents can visit too!!!  And BONUS, nobody’s house needs to be cleaned up afterwards!!!


NPE PTO Fall Fundraiser – Huge Success!

Wow! The NPE PTO Fall Fundraiser was a HUGE success!  The NPE PTO estimated profit earned is over $11,300!  That is amazing!  Thanks so much to everyone that participated. Each and every order helped! A big thank you to the staff and volunteers.  The Mega Party on 10/6/09 was a hit with approx. 100 students attending the event.  The students had a great time and enjoyed the D.J., karaoke, games, moon bounce, inflatable slide, slushies and popcorn!




Target – Take Charge of Education!

Have you heard of the Target – Take Charge of Education Program?  They donate 1% of sales to our school if you register your Target Card by following the link below.  If you don’t already have a Target Credit Card, you can apply online here as well.   We currently have 43 RedCard holders that designated our school and that generated a donation in the amount of $423.30 in August 2009!  This is such an easy way to help raise money for our school!