Carline Day Award Nominations – Due Friday, 5/1

Carline Day Award – Seeking Nominations Due Friday, May 1st!

Know of someone who volunteers unselfishly and continually works for the betterment of NPE? Someone who is tireless and believes that true happiness comes from helping others? Why not nominate him/her for the Carline Day Outstanding Volunteer Award?
Every May, someone at NPE receives this award. The award was originally started in 1997 by friends of the late Carline Day and is given to someone whose qualities and characteristics most resemble hers. Carline was an active community volunteer spending endless hours at NPE as Room Parent, Skating Party Chairman, and Ways and Means Chairman. She was unselfish, determined, generous, creative, and simply a loving person.

In 2006, Dr. Michael Day established an endowment fund in her honor which accompanies this award. The fund provides income to NPE and the award winner is asked to specify uses of the funds that will directly benefit NPE programs, activities, and/or acquisitions.

Anyone can be nominated. Once nominations are received, a committee consisting of Mrs. Eastes, two teachers, two parents, and the PTO Vice President will select a winner. The winner will be announced during the May Awards Program.

Nominations can be submitted in 3 easy ways:
1 Filling out the form online at:

2 Printing out the attached form, filling it out and returning to Mrs. Eastes: Carline Day VOLUNTEER AWARD 2015

3 Emailing your nominations to Mrs. Eastes at

Be sure to include several details as to why you feel this person deserves to be the next Carline Day Outstanding Volunteer Award recipient. Thank you.

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