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Teacher Favorite Things

Lists of Favorite Things – Teachers and Staff


The PTO creates a Teacher’s Favorite Things questionnaire each year and requests that each teacher complete it and return to the PTO. These lists are designed to help parents who wish to get a gift for their child’s teacher. These lists come in handy around the holidays and during teacher appreciation week. Below is a list of teacher names. Click on the teacher name to see that teacher’s most recent list of favorite things.

Note: The list below only includes the names of teachers and staff who have submitted a list to the PTO.

Amber Rush

Carrie Whitaker

Cheryl Rose

Conner Stoffel

Corie McCaw

Delia Floyd

Denise Miller

Dyan Schwark

Emily Nash

Jenny Kleine

Judith Thompson

Julia Arafa

Karli Rodebeck

Kelly Neumeister

Kelsey True

Laura Miller

Laura Mitchell

Lori Burks

Margo Tiede-White

Mariann Meyer

Marietta Carlton

Matthew Martin

Michelle Armstrong

Nadine Shepler

Olivia Johnson

Paula Boucher

Rebecca Crull

Rocky Thayer

Sarah Gore

Sharon Canfield

Stacy Bancroft

Stephanie Smith

Susie Jameson

Teri Oliver

Vincent Meo



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