Upcoming Events

Box Top Pickup:
Friday, November 10th

PTO Mistletoe Market @ NPE
Saturday, August 11th


Schwan's Cares

We are very excited to partner with Schwan’s to help us meet our fundraising needs!  You can order wonderful food easily, online or by phone, which is then delivered to your home.  From November 2nd through December 17th, the NPE PTO gets a profit from each sale which will help provide necessary classroom supplies, field trips, updating of our landscaping/entrance, as well as other items or activities not supplied by the district. Schwan’s will donate as much as 20% on food and 40% on some gift card purchases. So, please help us to reach our fundraising goal this fall by purchasing from Schwan’s. We greatly appreciate your time, effort, and support.

Visit our website: www.schwans-cares.com/c/23043 or call 1-855-870-7208.

Campaign ID: 23043

Thank you and ENJOY!

Please contact Bobbi Gielerak at bobbiwesner@hotmail.com with questions.

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