Upcoming Events

Box Top Pickup:
Friday, November 10th

PTO Mistletoe Market @ NPE
Saturday, August 11th

Coordinating Help for Friends and Loved Ones

CareCalendar  http://www.carecalendar.org/
Bringing communities together to care for loved ones

Take Them a Meal  http://www.takethemameal.com/
For those times in life when filling their table will warm their hearts.
Simplifying meal coordination so friends, family, neighbors and co-workers can show they care.

What Friends Do  http://www.whatfriendsdo.com/
Helping Friends When It’s Needed Most
When a life-changing event happens, friends and family want to help! The WhatFriendsDo.com webtool is a FREE website that can help family and
friends form a “Team” and respond in an organized and helpful way.
Helping a friend through a life-changing event involves lending a hand with meals, transportation and other tasks.
These events also call for understanding, love and uplifting support.

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